Prevue-Hendryx Ferret Playpen 29 inch

"Do you want your small critters to experience the great outdoors, while, at the same time, still being safe within the areas of your home? If so, then the Prevue-Hendryx Ferret Playpen from Pet Store is the best choice for you. This product will provide you with a unique area where you can store your friends. This will present you with a wide and open space where you can give your pets permission to wander around without guilt. This equipment can be set up inside your house, but if you like, you can also assemble this in your backyard.

This playpen is quite durable, being made from pure steel, which have been designed to endure the common forces of nature, such as the wind and water. The equipment is built with bars, which make sure that even the smallest of your pets won't be able to escape. These components have also been heavily polished to prevent your friends from climbing out easily. It can be bought in a set, which you are required to assemble to construct an area with a diameter of 29 inches.

The Prevue-Hendryx Ferret Playpen is definitely an ideal equipment to utilize when you want your pets to enjoy a fresher perspective, as well as a new-found freedom, outside your home.

Constructed from 8 18”W panels, this playpen creates a perfect playground for indoor or outdoor use. Use for ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals. #40095 3-panel extension now available."