Prevue-Hendryx Cup For PR115/125/135 Cages (2 Pack)

"Your PR 115, PR 125, and PR 135 bird cages will not be complete without the use of Prevue-Hendryx Cups from Pet Store. These are access cups that are designed to fit the small to medium bird cages. Your birds use these cups as an entrance to the other side of the cage or for rest and play.

The Prevue-Hendryx Cups for PR115/125/135 Cages is crafted by professionals who prioritize the safety of your pet. It is made of non-toxic materials, which are not harmful to your birds, as well as to your family and the environment. The materials that have been used in the manufacturing of these cups are of a high grade. The cups are made to last, and these are sturdy because it is crafted from hard plastic. It is coated with multiple layers of finishing that enable the cup to maintain its colors even with a prolonged use.

The Prevue-Hendryx Cup for PR115/125/135 Cages is attractive, and it comes in a variety of colors, which includes white, blue, green, and purple. These fashionably colored cups give an added beauty to the hues of your bird cage. These cups are sold in packs of two, which are ideal for the alternate use of your birds. You will like watching your birds enjoy using the Prevue-Hendryx Cup for PR115/125/135 Cages.

Product Highlight(s):
    Prevue-Hendryx Cup These cups feature a universal fit for all small-medium cage models and come in assorted colors (purple, blue, teal and white). Sold in packs of 2.