Sicce Mi Mouse Aquarium Pump 82 Gph 1.8 Feet Head

SICCE created was first in the market with a pump like the Hi-Tech Line. They still remain a point of reference in the global aquarium market. The Hi-Tech Line includes completely submersible recirculation pumps useful for every type of aquarium, terrarium, internal or external fountain, landscaping construction, and for any application which requires the recirculation of water. Built in accordance with the most strict international safety standards, these pumps are easy to maintain and have incredibly small dimensions for their elevated performance and reliability. The entire line is provided with a variable flow rate regulator as well as adaptors to connect flexible hoses from 13mm to 20mm. The compact dimensions of these pumps make them ideal for use in small spaces. Mi Mouse is a pump with excellent performance. Ideal for use in small spaces thanks to its compact dimensions. A totally submersible pump driven by a permanent magnet induction motor, Mi Mouse has variable adjustment of the water flow rate. The Mi Mouse is equipped with a fixed water outlet pipe 10mm high, with an external diameter of 13mm. Ideal for indoor fountains, aquariums, and tortoise tanks. The pump is fitted with vibration-dampening rubber pads that make it run in absolute silence. Features: 82 gallons per hour - 1.8 feet shut off - 6.2 watts/ 120 volts - CE & UL listed - 2 year guarantee - Stainless Steel shaft - Flow regulator in all models - Optional Hose Connector available - adapts to fit 5mm to 10mm tubing. Pump Dimensions: 42mm x 58.5mm x 46mm. Outlet: 13mm (Outlet Tube Adapter Size: 3/8”).