FrancodeX Laboratories Sentry x Plus Large Dog 12Ct

"Do you wish administering medications for your dogs is as easy as giving them treats? Sometimes, your dogs can act like stubborn little kids, especially during medicine time. This is inevitable since most of the traditional and conventional medicine taste terrible, even adults dislike them. Lure your pets into taking in necessary medicine by giving them something tasty. The Worm X Plus for Large Dog Pet Store is the best dog dewormer you can buy in the market today.

A package of this contains 12 tablets that help kill several strains of parasites like tapeworm, hookworm and ringworm. This treatment is for dogs and 12 week old puppies. It is a chewable treat with an appealing taste so your dogs will not reject it. This treatment is easy to administer. You can mix it with their favorite food so you can trick your pets into taking it in. there are precautions to be considered so you should read the instructions first. It is not recommended for sick puppies and pregnant dogs.

Worm X Plus for Large Dog treatment should be dome once a month. However, you should not do self-diagnosis. Always check with your vet so you will know how to treat any parasitic infection. Should your dogs be infected, it is best to treat them as soon as possible because some of these parasites can also infect human. Do not let your dogs suffer also.

SENTRY® HC Worm X Plus broad spectrum wormer treats and controls 7 strains of worms: 2 tapeworms, 2 round worms and three hookworms. Comes in a easy and convenient chewable."