Aqueon Aquarium Filter Cartridge Large - 6 Pack

"If you want to keep your aquarium water clean and clear all the time, then use the Aqueon Aquarium filter Cartridge from Pet Store now. This is a replacement cartridge which efficiently removes debris, wastes, and other impurities in the water. It works by sifting out pollutants through its super fine mesh sheets. The impurities will remain in the cartridge and will not be brought to your water again. This replacement is made of quality materials. It contains no phosphate and nitrate. Using this product is safe to any marine or freshwater tank because it has no components which may harm your inhabitants. It will not change the mineral balance of your water.

The Aqueon Aquarium filter Cartridge is not only effective in removing impurities. It also helps reduce bad odor. You will have no hassles with this product. It provides smooth water flow so there will be no chance for possible overflows or other problems. This is fast and easy to install. Simply slide the old cartridge out and place the new one. You can have it ready to use in a minute or less. This is a convenient product to buy because it is very affordable. It also lasts longer unlike competing brands. Keep your aquarium clean, healthy, and odor-free. Grab this reliable filter cartridge today.

Aqueon Filter Cartridges

More activated carbon for superior filtration

Patented Aqueon dual-sided replaceable dense-floss cartridges contain over 25% more activated carbon than the leading brands. These unique cartridges were designed to ensure even distribution of carbon throughout for more thorough filtration and longer cartridge life.

Features & Benefits
  • 25% more activated carbon
  • Dense-floss cartridge traps more fine debris
  • Simple, no-mess replacement