Aqueon Proflex Acrylic Sump Model 3 - 110 Gallons

The Aqueon ProFlex Sump system offers a modular design, allowing the hobbyist a choice of three different operational modes to provide the best filtration needs for the aquarium. The base sump unit has three chambers and offers the flexibility of operating the sump as a traditional Wet Dry (with optional BioMedia accessory pack), as a Refugium (with added light source) or as a Berlin system by adding a protein skimmer. The ProFlex is made of durable acrylic and has a lifetime leak-proof guarantee. The intake chamber has a patented bubble diffuser chamber to eliminate bubbles and significantly reduce noise. It also includes two 200 micron filter socks to remove large particulates and has an adjustable height spill over wall to set the water height in the second chamber. The second chamber may be adjusted for maximum depth for a Refugium style system or to accommodate the optional BioMedia pack to convert the sump into a Wet/Dry filter. The wall may be lowered to allow a constant volume level for use as a protein skimmer chamber for a Berlin Method set up. The third chamber is designed to hold a submersible circulation pump to return the water back to the aquarium. The ProFlex is available in four sizes, for aquariums up to 210 gallons. The Models 1, 2, and 3 have a single hose intake and the Model 4 uses a double hose intake. It may be used with a predrilled aquarium or with the optional ProFlex Overflow box (purchased separately).The Aqueon ProFlex sumps offer: Durable design, lifetime leak proof warranty - Bubble diffuser for quiet operation - Micron filter bags, rated at 200 microns - Flexible design allowing operation as a Refugium, Berlin System Sump or traditional Wet/Dry filter (w/accessory BioMedia pack). MODEL 3 - 110 Gallons. Size - Middle Chamber: 8 Inch x 12-3/4 Inch. Size - Total Dimensions: 25-1/2 InchL x 13-3/4 InchW x 17 InchH