Clevercat Innovations Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box

"Maintain the cleanliness of your home, even with a feline around, with the Clever Cat Innovations Clever Cat Top Entry Litter Box from Pet Store. This litter box has an easy access and exit feature. The opening of the litter box is designed in the form of a lid so that your pet can simply jump inside and out when it does its business. The lid is provided with a special mat that automatically removes the litter from your cat's paws as it leaps out of the litter box. This eliminates any mess from coming out of the lid. It keeps the soiled litter in, and it prevents the smell from coming out.

The Clever Cat Innovations Clever Cat Top Entry Litter Box is made of durable high quality plastic that is strong to handle small, medium, and large felines. It comes in different sizes and in assorted colors that you can choose from. Your pet can easily learn to use it, and you can be confident that it will enjoy using it because of the privacy it gives. It also keeps your cat clean. It does not contain toxic materials that can harm your pet. With this top entry litter box, your home will remain smelling fresh and clean everyday.

Entrance is cut into lid of litter box, so that you cat hops up on the litter box and then steps down to do his business. Lid has built in litter tracking mat to remove litter from paws. Virtually dog proof. Prevents litter-tracking. No over-the-edge mess • Use any type litter. Odors reduced • Cats adapt quickly & easily. Cats & kittens LOVE the privacy!"