Nekton Labs E Fertility 4.90oz

"Keep a healthy, lively, and productive livestock with the Nekton Labs E Fertility from Pet Store. This comes in a 4.97-ounce bottle, which is enough to increase the fertility of your pets for several days. This is especially used to increase the hormone levels of your friends to maximize the chance of reproduction. The product can be used to treat animals of all kinds, from a domesticated dog to a wild reptile to a school of fish.

The Nekton Labs E Fertility, in essence, is a liquid supplement that you can give to your pets alongside their regular meals. It can be consumed by both male and female animals. You can also pour some of it in their water dishes if you like. It is important to note that you only need a small dosage of the substance to make it work. A larger portion will not increase the chances of your friend to become pregnant. This product is safe to consume on a daily basis, particularly during the time of the month when your pet is in heat, or at breeding seasons.

Guarantee the continuous breeding process of your pets with a regular dose of Nekton Labs E Fertility. With this solution on hand, you never have to worry about the propagation of your friends for as long as they can give birth to an offspring.

E fertility 4.90oz"