Wavepoint Micro Sun LED Clamp Light 12 Inch - 6 Watt, Daylight & Blue

WavePoint introduces the Micro Sun LED lamp in two different sizes and three color combinations at a price that won’t break the bank. The clip-on lamp is ideal for nano aquariums and is available in a 6” and 12” version that can be used on both fresh and saltwater aquariums. Using surface mounted 0.25 Watt LED lamps, the Wavepoint Micro Sun LED lamps are available in Daylight, Super Blue and a combination of Super Blue & Daylight LED colors. Powered with a low voltage transformer, the hood itself is a flat black aluminum adding to the passive cooling for the low-wattage LED’s. Each lamp is mounted with an adjustable, durable plastic and can fit on tanks with a maximum thickness of ½”. The 6” model features 12 LED’s for a total output of 3 Watts and the 12” model has 24 LED’s and is rated at 6 Watts. The combo 12” versions have a 2:1 white to blue ratio that should give you a nice, crisp blue-ish white color for a 15,000K color appearance best suited for a reef or marine aquarium. The daylight version will give you a basic daylight look more suitable for a freshwater tank or refugium. For those looking for a very blue appearance, or to add supplemental lighting, the all blue version might be a great choice!