Drinkwell Pet Fountain Premium Replacement Filters 3pk

"What you offer your pets is what makes them the best creatures they can be. What you feed them is certainly the cause of either their strength or their vulnerability. And this is not just about food containing nutritious contents. Exercise should also be a part of their lifestyle. Then there is water. Even humans could survive only for a couple of days without water. The cleanliness of water should be your priority when taking care of your pets. It is your responsibility because your pets, as intelligent as they may be, are susceptible to harmful things. Good thing there is Drinkwell Pet Fountain Premium Replacement Filters from Pet Store.

These filters work perfectly with Drinkwell fountains. Installation and replacement of the filters are made easy with its cylindrical design, which you can just push and pull without the need for pliers and wrenches. It is made with high quality double density polyester pads that catch large debris and activated carbon granules for those smaller particulates. It can remove any discoloration, unsightly floating pollutants and unpleasant odors from drinking waters. Each package contains three filters and will last from one and a half to three months.

Give your pets the freshest drinking water with Drinkwell Fountain equipped with Drinkwell Pet Fountain Premium Replacement Filters.

Drinkwell Premium Filters (3-Pack)

The Drinkwell Premium Filters feature 6-compartments which evenly distribute the charcoal for a longer lasting, deeper water filtration. More charcoal is added to each compartment to maximize water filtration. This filter will work with most Drinkwell Fountain models* and should be changed every 2-4 weeks to maintain water freshness.

*Note: Not compatible with the Drinkwell 360 Fountain Model.