Instant Ocean-Aquarium Systems Impeller Assembly - Mj1000 & Mp1200

"Do you think your fish tends to stay at the bottom of the tank and doesn't often to swim to the top? Changes in the behavior of your fish may be a sign that you need changes in your aquarium, such as the system you use to put water in. Equipment such as Instant Ocean-Aquarium Systems Maxi jet are trusted by aquarium owners to pump in and filter the water that is put in their tanks. For users of Instant Ocean's Maxi jet Powerheads , you will be glad to hear of the Instant Ocean-Aquarium Systems Impeller Assembly Pet Store.

It replaces worn impeller units in Maxi Jet systems. Impellers cause the water flow in easily through the pump or filter, making them a valuable and easily worn out part of an aquarium's water system. Maxi jet and the impeller assembly unit It is manufactured by Instant Ocean, a trusted name among aquatic enthusiasts and hobbyists who want to recreate the natural environment in their aquariums. The company also makes various equipment and supplies for owners of both fresh water and salt water aquariums. To make sure that your aquarium and all its parts are in working order, buy the Instant Ocean-Aquarium Systems Impeller Assembly.

Replacement Parts for Maxi jet