Lambert Kay Shed Relief for Cats (16 oz.)

"Do you find it hard to deal with the constant presence of fur from your furniture and floors, contributed by your adorable feline? While it is normal for a cat to shed some its fur once in a while, this could still be a symptom of a nutrition deficiency if it is excessive. Fortunately, with the Lambert Kay Shed Relief for Cats Pet Store, you can easily treat this problem at home. There will be no more need for you to go to a veterinarian to minister to a common ailment such as this. This is essentially a food supplement, which is available in a sixteen-ounce bottle that can last for numerous weeks.

This food supplement comes in a liquid form for easy consumption and digestion. You can either feed this to your pet directly. However, if it doesn’t like the smell or taste, you can easily mix this in with its water or main meal without fear that its efficiency would be hindered. Since this ailment is primarily contributed by a lack of nutrition, this product is equipped with numerous vitamins, minerals, and proteins, which could help make up for that deficiency.

The Lambert Kay Shed Relief for Cats is truly one of the best must-haves for feline owners who want nothing but the best health for their pets, as well as a cleaner home.

Seasonal shedding is natural. Excessive shedding could be a sign of essential fatty acids lacking in the diet. This daily skin and coat supplement for cats is made with OMEGA 6 (linoleic), and 9 (oleic) essential fatty acids. It helps assure that the diet delivers an adequate level of these important nutrients to help stop excess shedding. Usage Instructions: Mix with food or feed directly daily. If cat is fed twice a day, divide dosage and mix with food. Dosage for cats and kittens: 1/4 tsp. per 2 lbs of body weight."