Coastal Pet Nylon Dog Leash Training Leads

"Do you think your dog is putting on weight? Dogs and other animals need exercise in order to maintain the right weight and keep illnesses at bay. Dogs which are above the weight they should have are at risk for diseases which can affect their heart and joints, not to mention the fractures and injuries which can happen when they need to walk or run. Dogs need to jog or walk around everyday to get rid of their excess they can accumulate from eating and sleeping. Without exercise, this energy can easily make your dogs fatter, and who wants such a thing? Make exercise fun and easy for your dog as well as you.

Check out the Coastal Pet Nylon Dog Leash Training Lead Pet Store. It is made of deceptively lightweight, which sometimes can make you forget about its strength and dependability Make no mistake, however. This is a strong lead so you don't have to worry if you find yourself needing to pull your reluctant pet into doing an activity it is not used to. It is also designed with a loop handle and a metal end which can be easily snapped to your dog's collar. Your dog's needs to be more active in order to keep its health. Make exercise easy for you and your pet, and buy the Coastal Pet Nylon Dog Leash Training Lead.

This lead consists of 3/8" nylon and is primarily used for cats, puppies, and very small pets. Coastal's high quality nylon is thick and strong and specially processed to prevent fraying. All nylon products are carefully and neatly finished for the best look and durability.

Please note: Image depicted is a stock photo. All Coastal leads/leashes come with bolt snap clasps as opposed to "claw" style clasps."