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IlluminFx High Output

IlluminFx High Output

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  • Product Description

    IlluminFx High Output 4 Light System - A nighttime paradise - right in your own backyard! Fiber Optic Lighting for Ponds and Water Features.
    Illuminate your water feature more beautifully than you've ever dreamed possible with underwater lighting. Imagine, fixtures as small as a pen cap casting brilliant, bright light onto your waterfalls, streams, plants, landscape, and more.
    Put light in places never before thought possible. Shallow stream beds, uplit marginal plants, beautifully illuminated water lilies ... all made possible with IlluminFx, the first fiber optic lighting kit designed specifically for ponds and water features.
    Series 7 High Light Output Kits - Series 7 High Light Output kits include a 150W metal halide illuminator with rated lamp life of 6000 hours. Each fiber optic cable contains twice as many fibers as our popular Series 2 and Series 6 kits.
    Important Information: • The IlluminFx Fiber Optic Pond Lighting system consists of a specialized light source enclosed in a box called an illuminator.
    • Up to sixteen individual fiber optic cables are bundled together at one end and terminate in front of the light source inside the illuminator.
    • No heat or electricity travels through the fibers, making fiber safe for many environments.
    • A color wheel can be placed between the light source and the fiber to create colored light.
    • The wheel may be stopped at one color or may rotate continuously from color to color.
    • Use underwater, next to the water, out of the water, between rocks or virtually anywhere one wishes to place them.
    • 1 light bulb is able to illuminate up to 16 separate fixtures, placed in and around the pond.
    • Kits include; illuminator with 4-color wheel, pre-cut, pre-assembled fiber optic cable harness, designated number of fixtures, installation & maintenance manuals.
    Specifications: Illuminator: High-Impact Outdoor Grade Polycarbonate Housing; 120VAC, 60Hz; 200 Watts Max; 4.4 Amps Start Current; 1.8 Amps Run Current
    Lamp: Proprietary Design HID Metal Halide 6000 hrs average life
    Fiber Optic Cable Harness: (4) pre-assembled fiber optic cables with black pvc jacket.
    Cable Lengths: 20 ft. (qty 2) and 30 ft. (qty 2)
    Stealth Stands: Qty (4) pedestal base Stealth Stands included with kit.
    Base diameter: 3.57”; OAH: 3.3”
    Fiber Head (Fixture) Diameter: 0.57”
    Fixture Material: Brass

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