Tetra Tetracolor Plus Tropical Flakes Fish Food

A new version of Tetra Color that utilizes an optimal balance of essential vitamins and minterals with the additionof a natural Color enhancing flake for maximum acceptance. Uses ProCare, immune stimulant blend for optimal health. Cleaner and Clearer formula, for best metabolization. The world's favorite color-enhancing fish food with an added PLUS. TetraColor PLUS includes additional color enhanced flakes for maximum beauty. Also offers all the advantages of Tetra's Inchcleaner & clearer Inch flake formulations. Dispenser lids allow hands-free feeding. For Freshwater Fish. Vitamin C enriched flakes do not cloud the water - Highly nutritious diet promotes the development of your tropical fish's natural pink to orange-red colors Instructions: Feed 2-3 times daily, only what fish can consume in 2-4 minutes.