Tetra Whisper 40 Air Pump

"Do you want a filtration gadget that you don’t need to install on top or at the side of your aquarium? Are you finding it hard to pick out the perfect power head or pump because of the small size of your tank? If so, then you may want to try using the Tetra Whisper 40 Air Pump from Pet Store. What makes this different from most brands is that, instead of being set up with mounts or suspended outside your glass case, this item is meant to be placed at the bottom of it, preferably at the very center.

Its primary responsibility is to produce air bubbles, which will enable your aquarium to establish a steady flow rate. This is beneficial for your fish and corals because the circulation will provide them with a constant supply of oxygen. Best of all, this process actually cleans their home by forcing the impurities to float toward the surface to be filtered by your gadgets.

You can be confident with the thought that your aquarium water is constantly being cleaned by just installing the Tetra Whisper 40 Air Pump. With this device safely secured at the very bottom of your tank, you are guaranteed that your other filtration gadgets, such as the protein skimmer and refugium, are doing their part because of the amount of liquid that is being pumped into their vaults at a steady rate.

The new Whisper air pump was redesigned from the ground up for silence and performance.  It has many patented features that minimize noise yet allows for a  powerful flow of air.