Tetra Whisper 100 Air Pump

"Aquariums are supposed to be relaxing. If yours isn't, then switch your current air pump with a Tetra Whisper 100 Air Pump from Pet Store now. Enjoy the serene swimming of your fish without getting interrupted by a noisy air pump ever again. The dome shape of the Tetra Whisper 100 Air Pump is engineered specifically to flatten out sound waves, decreasing their auditory value. Along with its thick exoskeleton, there are also model-specific chambers that reduce the sounds produced by the motor. The motor on the machine's belly, in turn, is not set to lie on the aquarium's surface.

Instead, the unit's four legs elevate the motor, taking out another source of noise: vibrations against the tank's bottom. Smooth, silent streams of air are produced within the diaphragms and let out into the aquarium. This flow of air helps in the filter's functioning. Made of durable plastic, this silencing dome comes in a beautiful blue color, making it fit naturally in the aquatic scenery. With all the sound insulation, the Tetra Whisper 100 Air Pump still functions at the same level or even with a higher efficiency than noisier models. When you have a Tetra Whisper 100 Air Pump running in your tank, not only you will benefit from your newfound quiet - your fish will, too.

The new Tetra Whisper Air Pumps have been completely redesigned. The unique inner chamber, dome shape and thick rubber feet dampen noise caused by air flow through the pump making this one of the quietest air pumps in the industry. Efficient and easy to use, Tetra Whisper Air Pumps can handle the aeration needs of aquariums from 10 to 100 gallons. Specifications: The Tetra Whisper Air Pump provides reliable service at an affordable cost. It is efficient, easy to use and has a new shape of silence. A patented dome shape and sound dampening chambers minimize turbulence and produce a smooth quiet stream of air. The Whisper Air Pump has a Wide footprint, rubber feet and suspended pump motor eliminate sound producing vibrations. Thick walls insulate motor noise. Powerful diaphragms provide ample airflow for deep water applications. This has a single air outlet and comes with a plastic tee. Whisper 10: 1.5 Watts Whisper 20: 2.5 Watts Whisper 40: 2.9 Watts Whisper 60: 4 Watts Whisper 100: 4.8 Watts Whisper 10: Air pump is 3 x 5.375 x 2.5 high - 1 outlet (up to 10 gallons) Whisper 20: Air pump is 3.375 x 6 x 2.75 high - 1 outlet (up to 20 gallons) Whisper 40: Air pump is 3.5 x 6 x 2.75 high - 1 outlet (up to 40 gallons) Whisper 60: Air pump is 4.75 x 8 x 3 high. - 2 outlets (up to 60 gallons) Whisper 100: Air pump is 8 x 4.75 x 3 high - 2 outlet (up to 100 gallons) Warranty: Pump (with the exception of rubber parts) has a 2 year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship."