Tomlyn Nose Relief 15ml

"If you have encouraged your pets to spend more time outside your home, then you should be aware that your friends are quite susceptible to respiratory problems, due to dust from the air. Fortunately, these predicaments are easy to cure when you have the Tomlyn Nose Relief from Pet Store. This comes in a plastic, fifteen-milliliter bottle, which can last for a long time since you will only be using it sparingly. The solution is so effective that it is one of the most veterinarian-recommended formulas for these types of ailments. It is meant to be poured directly into the nose of your pal.

This solution is perfect for treating a variety of animal species, from the domestic cat and dog to the more exotic and wild pig and ferrets. It provides some much-needed relief from sore, red, and watery eyes, as well as nasal drips, which suspend the regular activities of your friends. It gives a temporary aid from the discomfort that comes with these ailments, especially when it involves a difficulty in breathing. The chemicals that are in this formulation are quite safe, and these will not cause any allergies or trigger any sensitivity.

Your pets will never have to feel any discomfort again when they have the most common of respiratory illnesses when you have the Tomlyn Nose Relief.

Tomlyn Nose Relief Nose Relief is formulated to relieve all types of respiratory problems, including sinus infection or inflammation. This product will relieve nasal drip and red, wet eyes when these are caused by upper respiratory infection. HomeoPet is a product that is chemical free, safe for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamster, ferrets and pot bellied pigs of all ages. Manufactured under an FDA registered process.