Tomlyn Travel Anxiety 15ml

"If you love to travel, you probably worry about leaving your pets. You have many options like leaving them to someone else for as long as your gone, however, you cannot be sure if the people you asked for favor will take care of your pets the way you do. Another is to leave your pets on their own, but this may sound a bit harsh. Either way, you would think that bringing them with you is the safest option. As much as you would like to bring them during travels, some pets are not happy about this. They usually feel stressed and fearful.

These negative emotions may lead to an even bigger problems like aggressiveness or reclusion. Do you wish you have something that can keep your pets calm? Be glad because there is already a solution! It is called Tomlyn Travel Anxiety Pet Store. This product is a special formula of homeopathic substances in water and alcohol mixture. This solution encourages calmness so unwanted behavior like fear and aggressiveness is avoided. It is also easy to administer. Just give three doses daily in mouth or through water. It is clinically proven safe and is recommended by the experts.

Do not let your pets live in negative feelings, especially when traveling. Give them Tomlyn Travel Anxiety. You can give it to your dogs, cats, birds, small critters, even pigs.

Homeopathic ingredients in a water/alc base.

Promotes a sense of calm in animals exhibiting fear,fretting,anxiety or any unwanted behavior caused by fear of travel,motion sickness,relocation.

  • Give 3 doses daily in mouth or in water by weight. Safe for all dogs,puppies,cats,kittens,birds,rabbits,hamsters,ferrets,pot bellied pigs.