Pet Relief Anti Itch Spray 8 oz

"Relieve your pet’s uncomfortable feeling with the use of Pet Relief Anti Itch Spray. This spray is formulated with active ingredients, Benzyl Alcohol and Benzalkonium Chloride from Pet Store. It is clinically tested by pet dermatologists to get rid of the cause of itch and quickly lessens your pet’s scratching. It prevents bacteria and viruses from infecting abrasions, hot spots and scrapes due to your pet’s persistent scratching.

Just a single spray of this formula soothes the irritation and relaxes your pet. It dries and heals the causes of itching and avoids lesions from spreading. You immediately end the suffering of your pet making it more lively and happy. It also prevents the itch and harmful diseases from spreading inside the house and affecting other animals and even humans.

The formula does not contain any toxic ingredient that can affect pets that have ultra-sensitive skins. It is safe to use even for puppies and kittens at least six weeks old. It can be used by other animals suffering from itch. It is also easy to apply and does not sting and leave any annoying smell or feeling to your pet. The Pet Relief Anti-Itch Spray comes in an 8-ounce bottle that is tightly sealed to protect the quality of the product.

Pet Relief Anti Itch Spray for Dogs kills bacterial and viral infections due to hot spots, scrapes and abrasions.