Virbac Kitty Korner Komber

"Cats have an inherent desire to rub itself on people, fellow felines, and furniture. If you are looking for an effective accessory that can help meet this particular need, then the Virbac Kitty Korner Komber from Pet Store is for you. This tool gives your pet an appropriate surface to rub itself with. Very nifty and extremely comfortable, this item is a great treat you can get for your animal. Your cats will certainly love using it.

The product is made from high-quality plastic material, durable enough to last long for your cat's pleasure. It is also so soft and light to make your pet comfortable. Setting it up is easy. Just fix it on any wall corner in your house, and once placed, your cat will have a great time with it. For maximum use, place it on corners that your feline pal rubs itself the most. Doing this trains your kitty and gives it a designated rubbing area.

The Virbac Kitty Korner Komber is suitable for all types of cats. It can be used not only as a rubbing accessory, but as a grooming item as well. It is easy to clean and disinfect. With this product, you will give your beloved feline companion the satisfaction it's been looking for.

Your cat will just love the St Jon Laboratories Kitty Korner Komber. Besides loving to be rubbed and groomed, cats are naturally attracted to catnip. This product has combined these two instincts into a grooming aid that cats love! Each panel of the grooming comb has a refillable compartment for catnip. The catnip attracts cats to the comb and the 600 specially designed grooming teeth do the rest. Wall mounting bracket enclosed."