Prevue-Hendryx Cage Seed Guard 8 inch x 42-81 inch

"Give your pet birds only the amount of food that they need everyday with the Prevue-Hendryx Cage Seed Guard from Pet Store. With this product on hand, you can now monitor how much feed your friends consume each day. This will help you budget your money more, as well as determine the price that you spend in feeding a specific number of birds.

In terms of taking care of birds, the Prevue-Hendryx Cage Seed Guard makes sure that their food is always fresh and crisp. Its container is made from a hard plastic, which effectively taps the air inside it with the use of a vacuum sealant. It has an overall diameter of eight inches, and it can be installed inside cages that have a height of at least 42 to 81 inches. You can fill this guard with any type of food that your bird loves, especially dry ones like seeds. It will release food with a touch of the button without much mess, provided that you've placed a dish underneath its opening.

Your pets will never have to under or overeat again when you have installed the Prevue-Hendryx Cage Seed Guard inside their cage. This is the perfect tool to use when you want to make the most out of your bird's diet.

Please Note: Color specification is not currently available.

Product Highlight(s):
    Prevue-Hendryx Cage Seed Guard The mesh seed catcher is designed to fit cages from 42" to 82" total diameter. The height of the skirt is 8" which is large enough to fit over the cup area providing better seed control. Washable nylon mesh in 4 colors: green, blue, black or white (assorted). Heavy duty elastic fit. Fits cages 42" to 82" diameter total, 8" high.
    *Please note: Color specification is unavailable on this item.