Prevue-Hendryx Cage Seed Guard 13 inch x 52-100 inch

"Are you tired of constantly sweeping away seeds that drop from your bird's cage? If you are, then get a Prevue-Hendryx Cage Seed Guard from Pet Store and start minimizing birdseed wastage! Because birds can sometimes get frisky and keep rattling their cage, it is best to secure their food by covering the cup. This way, no matter how much your pet jiggles, their food will stay inside the cup, leaving the surroundings neat and tidy. It also acts as a shield against dust, insects, or other potentially harmful airborne organisms that can get in your pet's food. You can also use it to control your bird's food intake.

The Prevue-Hendryx Cage Seed Guard is available in different sizes. No matter how small or how large your birdcage is, there is a mesh big enough to fit the structure and a skirt high enough to cover the cup area to better control the seeds. Each unit is made with high-grade elastic mesh that fits snugly on various sized and shaped birdseed cups. It is also washable so you can use it over and over again for a long time. Leave the days of slipping on birdseeds behind. Get a Prevue-Hendryx Cage Seed Guard today!

Product Highlight(s):
    Prevue-Hendryx Cage Seed Guard 13 inch x 52-100 inch The mesh seed catcher is designed to fit cages from 52 inches to 100 inches total diameter. The height of the skirt is 9 inches which is large enough to fit over the cup area providing better seed control. Washable. Heavy duty elastic fit.Fits cages 52 inches to 100 inches diameter total, 9 inches high apron