Prevue-Hendryx Bird Wood Ladder 9 Rung 18 inch

"Keep your birds on the move by providing it with a toy that enables it to climb up and down its cage. Give your pet bird the Prevue-Hendryx Bird Wood Ladder from Pet Store to keep it going. Unlike other pets, birds quickly get bored, and they easily get sick when they do not have ample moments of fun. Birds need their daily exercise and play to keep it healthy and happy. This ladder is a bird accessory that can stimulate your pet to be more active and enjoy playing with you, other birds or just by itself.

The wood ladder has nine rungs, and it has a length of eighteen inches. The ladder comes in striking colors with each step having a different hue. Having this ladder inside the cage enhances the home of the bird because of its beautiful colors. The wood is taken from a sturdy tree and is strong enough to withstand the hard grip and bite of the bird. It is constructed to be heavy-duty so that it can last long. The colors used are 100% free from artificial dyes, conforming to the Food, Drug and Cosmetics safety standards.

The Prevue-Hendryx Bird Wood Ladder is a simple but effective way of keeping your pet fit and healthy. You will enjoy watching your pet have fun with it.

Product Highlight(s):

    Carpenter Creations 18" wood ladder with 9 rungs, assorted colors that are 100% FD & C Safe, top hooks included for hanging in cage, quality heavy duty construction.

    • 18" long, 4" wide