Prevue-Hendryx Bird Wood Ladder 15 Rung 24 inch

"If you own a vibrantly colored feathery pet, don't let him live amongst drab furniture. Instead, give him a Prevue-Hendryx Bird Wood Ladder from Pet Store. This colorful ladder will surely match your pet's jazziness and give a fun twist to your home at the same time. Each unit is painted with different brilliant colors using a very safe kind of paint so you do not have to worry about it getting your pet sick.

Prevue-Hendryx Bird Wood Ladder comes in various heights to fit any sized birds and gives your pet access to different places. The rungs are 6 inches wide to give your pet enough space to climb. Each has hooks on top for easy attachment to cage wires and other places. You can place this ladder inside the cage to help your pet reach his perch or outside if your pet loves to hang out at the top of his cage. If you are creating a multi-level home or playground for your pet, this ladder is ideal for connecting those levels. The wood used in this ladder is very durable and comes from carefully selected hardwoods. Give your feathery pet the freedom to reach great heights. Get him a Prevue-Hendryx Bird Wood Ladder today!

Carpenter creations 24" heavy duty ladder for large birds, this ladder is constructed of solid hardwood with a ?" diameter dowel.  Includes top hooks for hanging and is colored in assorted 100% safe FD&C colors.

  • 24" long, 6"wide