Prevue-Hendryx Bird Nest Pagoda Top Hut

"Is your bird cage looking a little dull and boring? Decorate it with the Prevue-Hendryx Bird Nest Pagoda Top Hut from Pet Store today, and you will be pleased at how happy your pets will be to have this functional ornament. It is available in a free size, which can fit inside all sizes of homes. Its measurements are perfect for finches to rest or stand on. It is very durable, and you are guaranteed that it will last for a lifetime. It comes in a combination of dazzling colors, which can add that extra brightness to make your friend’s house more cheerful.

This ornament is meant to be hung from the ceiling of your bird cage, but you can also set this up in such a way that even the corners of the house will have its own pagoda hut. It is equipped with a wide hole that enables your pet to go inside it and rest for awhile. It is simple to clean with water and soap.

Your bird will love the special and private place inside its cage that the Prevue-Hendryx Bird Nest Pagoda Top Hut gives it. This is truly a convenient method of decorating your feathered friend’s home with an ornament that will not only beautify its surroundings, but will also double as a toy, which will provide your pet with hours of fun and relaxation.

Large pagoda top nesting hut for finches.