Prevue-Hendryx Parakeet  Wood Tabletop Playpen

"Birds need lots and lots of exercise, especially ones that are domesticated. Domesticated birds often stay inside cages and have limited space in which they can move. Sure, cages large enough can accommodate limited flight but what about other exercising activities? Some exercising play pens for birds are invented by some manufacturers, but these have limited capabilities and are not durable enough. Others are proven durable but cost a lot of money. Do you wish you can give your pet bird some exercise materials without hurting your budget? Now you can! Introducing the Prevue-Hendryx Parakeet Wood Tabletop Playpen from Pet Store!

This product is designed to fulfil your flying friend’s exercise needs. Designed to look like a real play ground, the product contains a swing, ladders, bars, bells and other exercising materials that your pet could enjoy. The miniature playground is perfect for parakeets and other small birds. It is made with hard wood colored with 100% non-toxic paints.

With the playground you can enjoy looking at your pet while exercising. Thus, it’s made with safe material that is why you’re assured that your pet will be safe while playing with the exercising materials. Not only that, the table playpen is cheap and affordable and most of all, it’s going to look good on your table top!

Product Highlight(s):
    Prevue-Hendryx Parakeet Wood Tabletop Playpen (15"L x 13"W x 9-1/2"H) Prevue-Hendryx Parakeet Wood Tabletop Playpen - Solid harwood base with laminate for easy cleaning.  Playground includes swing, ladder double perches and bell.  All bright FD & C, 100% safe colors.