Sicce Syncra 2.0 Pond Pump 568 Gph 7.9 Feet Head

"A new range of pumps which ensure high energy savings, quiet operation, ergonomic design, powerful performance, resistance to harsh conditions, and are reliable. Thanks to Sicce’s 35 years of experience, Syncra Silent are equipped with a synchronous motor and an advanced rotor which makes them efficient and silent . . . even more than a fish! Synchronous motors have the following advantages over non-synchronous motors: Speed is independent of the load, providing an adequate field current is applied - Accurate control in speed and position using open loop controls is possible. Their power factor is closer adjusted to unity by using a proper field current relative to the load. A ‘capacitive’ power factor, (current phase leads voltage phase), is obtained which achieves a better power factor correction. Features : Their construction allows for increased electrical efficiency when a low speed is required - Better Performance - Highest power factor - Higher Head Pressure per watt - Higher Flow Per Watt - More efficient - Maximum energy conservation and lower electric bills - Sicce pumps can pay for themselves in electrical savings - Quieter Operation - Much Smoother Rotation - Less heat transfer - Fewer vibrations - Rotors can be made smaller than asynchronous motors with better performance. Syncra 2.0: All come with ceramic shaft, female threaded intake & discharge, flow regulator, and compact size - 568 gallons per hour - 7.9 feet shut off - 35 watts / 120 volts - CE & UL listed - 3 year warranty - Comes w/ 6 ft. cord. Inlet: 3/4" female threaded (Use hose size: 3/4” up to 1”), Outlet: 3/4” female threaded (Use hose size: 3/4” up to 1”)"