Clevercat Innovations Clevercat Jumbo Liners 10 Count

"Are you searching for a way to lengthen the life of your litter box contents? Buy the Clevercat Innovations Clevercat Jumbo Liners from Pet Store now to make your feline's litter box more sanitized and cleaner. Easy to use and effective, this accessory will keep your pet's box contents longer, reducing the frequency of change and clean-up. It can be purchased in a box, which consists of ten pieces.

The product is made from a special and high-quality material that is capable of absorbing liquids and neutralizing odors. This makes it eradicate the unpleasant qualities that speed up the decay of your cat's litter box contents. It can easily be placed on the feline accessory, and once in place, it will work immediately. The material used is non-toxic and friendly on animals, so you need not worry about your pet's safety. Furthermore, it is especially created to be bigger and heavier than other brands, keeping the lifespan of your cat's private toilet longer. For your convenience, it is easy to place and remove, and it can be disposed of quickly and effortlessly.

Cleaning your litter box need not be a tedious process if you have the Clevercat Innovations Clevercat Jumbo Liners. This is truly an excellent product that will ensure that your feline pan is constantly neat.

Quick, sanitary & convenient litterbox changes. Form-fitted. Wash litterbox less frequently. LARGER & HEAVIER than other liners"