Nekton Labs S Bird Vitamins 5.25oz

"Keeping pet birds is not just a simple matter of giving your pets bird seeds. First of all, not all bird seeds are the same. Depending on your pet, they can actually get quite fat and unhealthy if you give them seeds that are too starchy and too conducive to fat formation. Also in addition to the main feed, birds like other animals require vitamins and minerals as well especially if the staple bird feed has a rather bland or deficient nutritional profile. Supplementation is also required if your bird is moulting or laying eggs or feeding chicks. This is because these activities produce depletion in nutrient levels.

One good bird supplement is the Nekton Labs S Bird Vitamins from Pet Store. This vitamin supplement package has a wide range of vitamins that a bird needs to stay healthy and remain in optimal condition. It also has color enhancers. If you have brightly colored pets, color enhancement factor is of prime consideration. Many pet owners just use the Nekton Labs S Bird Vitamins as the only vitamin input for their birds for optimal health with premium results. If you are looking for the proper supplement to add to regular bird feed, try Nekton Labs S Bird Vitamins today.

S bird vitamins 5.25oz"