Nekton Labs Bio-Feather Grow 5.29oz

"Do you want your birds to produce a more beautiful set of feathers? If so, then you should definitely try out the new Nekton Labs Bio-Feather Grow from Pet Store. This formula comes in a 5.29-ounce bottle, which is sufficient to use everyday for a couple of weeks. You can give this to any breed, gender, and size of bird.

The Nekton Labs Bio-Feather Grow is meant to be given to your pets during meal times. It functions as a food supplement, which you can mix in with the food or water. Doing this will not, in any way, lessen the efficacy of the product. Its main responsibility is to help your feathered friend recover from its molting stages.

During the molting stage, the bird will lose most of its feathers, and it may have a hard time in growing them back and sustaining their natural beauty. What this product does is that it maximizes the hormones of your pet to increase the production of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, which will allow your friend to grow beautiful feathers. These nutrients are also involved in creating the natural conditioner for preening.

You can be confident that your pet birds will be displaying a silkier and softer set of feathers when you give them a regular dose of the Nekton Labs Bio-Feather Grow.

Bio-feather grow 5.29oz"