Triple Pet Triple Pet Plaque Off Fresh Breath 8oz

"If you want to avoid expensive trips to the veterinary dentist, you have to keep your cats' and dogs' teeth healthy and clean. It doesn't take a lot of effort to prevent dental problems. Of course, a cure is always another story. A cure is usually expensive and it takes a lot of time. But prevention is always doable and practical, and on hindsight, very much advisable.

As a preventive measure, use the Triple Pet Plaque Off Fresh Breath from Pet Store on your pets. It is a mouthwash that helps remove tartar and plaque from canine and feline teeth. It also removes odor-causing germs and bacteria living in your pets' mouth. It has oxidizing agents that break down food build-up on the surface of the teeth so that the germs will not even have time to colonize, much less cause destruction.

Triple Pet Plaque Off Fresh Breath works over a long period of time, too. Even after 48 hours form the time of gargle, your pets' breath will still remain healthy and fresh. And after around four to eight weeks of regular use, you will notice that the plaque and tartar are disappearing for good.

To use, just add water to this mouthwash and get your dog to wash their mouths with it.

Fresh Breath (POB) is a uniquely formulated aid to oral health for dogs, cats and small mammals. Just add a capful to every bowl (24oz) of drinking water. Results within 48 hours! Using a special blend of ingredients, POB helps eliminate plaque and tartar build-up and odor causing compounds in your pet's digestive system. Veterinarian recommended and made with human food grade ingredients. Available in 8 and 16 oz bottles.

  • 8oz