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Nature Zone Tortoise Bites 24oz

Nature Zone Tortoise Bites 24oz

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  • Product Description

    The color and flavor of this soft-moist food is specifically tailored to

    attract and stimulate the appetite of Tortoises.

    These small BITE sized soft gel foods are easy for the reptile to eat.

    The BITES are made with natural ingredients (Fruits, Vegetables etc)

    fortified with minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, etc), vitamins (Vit D,C,B1,6,12, etc),

    protein (whey protein, soy protein & milk solids), and nutriceuticals (spirulina, yucca schnidegeri, wheat germ, etc)

    which offer a balance of essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and moisture for the animal.

    Nutraceutical ingredients have been found to aid in the maintenance of natural colors,

    help in digestion and even decrease the levels of ammonia in there waste.

    Each BITE variety is formulated with a specific flavor, scent, and color which has been found to be a feeding stimulus to the reptiles.

    • 24 oz, 4" x 7"

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